Shoe shopping – taking advantage of the end of season sales

With spring blooming here in the southern hemisphere, it’s a great opportunity for bargain hunters to take advantage of end of season sales overseas. Yesterday i was lucky enough to have a parcel arrive with my new Miss L fire shoes that i purchased from Modcloth for 50% off.


They look amazing and are so comfortable, i am super pleased with them.

I’ve had a hunt around and found a number of online end of season sales from some pretty cool shops. I’m personally eyeing off the Brook shoes from BAIT, they are like grown up Dorothy shoes, i just have to save up for them.3b2ec3_c65d8ad50ac26d702221cecdbb010914

So as mentioned the following shops are having some pretty kick ass sales of their end of season stock:

Irregular choice clear their stock at:

The sale site for BAIT footwear is at:!sa/c20xz

Miss Mooz are available at:

Miss L fire are at:

And finally Modcloth are at:

Please don’t hold me responsible for blowing the budget!


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