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Yee haa it’s frocktastic friday

Ride into town in style in this cute cotton day dress!  The pattern says it all!

It’s the wild west  dress from


Size:XS (8)


Length from neck to waist then waist to hem: 38/62cm

Waist: 36cm

Hips: 42cm

Arm: 24cm

Bust: 42cm


Would it be too over the top to pair it with cowboy boots?

It’s so fun, i just love it

Miss Lucy x



Nutella cookies with a molten centre

1911705_10154810436770360_7235446142187023379_n    10368238_10154810436755360_3565068139739469069_n


1 cup of Nutella (280g or 10 oz)

1 cup of plain flour

1 egg

Extra Nutella for stuffing the cookies (approx 12 teaspoons is needed)


To start line a tray with grease proof paper (baking paper), and place onto the paper approx 12 teaspoons of nutella (ball shaped if possible), freeze for 1/2 hour or until firm. (This just makes the nuella easier to handle when stuffing the cookies).

In a large bowl mix 1 cup of Nutella and  1 egg. Then add 1 cup of flour, and mix to combine (it will be thick).

Roll out 1-2  teaspoons of cookie dough in the palm of your hand and then flatten. Place onto a lined baking tray. Place a frozen ball of nutella in the middle of this cookie dough. Take a second lot of cookie dough (1-2 teaspoons approx), roll in the palm of your hand and again flatten. Place it on top of the frozen nutella, and press the edges of the 2 cookies to seal them, as you would if making ravioli.

Repeat the process until all of the dough is used, i found it only made approx 10-12 cookies.

Bake for 6-8 minutes.

This was such an easy cookie to make, it only has 3 ingredients! The frozen nutella was a revelation, it was much easier to handle to stuff the cookies, and frozen nutella tastes great I’ve discovered! The cookies were a bit crumbly when first out of the oven, i found them easier to handle after i’d left them to cool, and came back to them a couple hours later. The molten lava centre is delicious, and even though i made them on Sunday there are no cookies left today for school lunches.

Cookie rating: 3 out of 5


The original recipe can be sourced from:




Shoe of the week


This weeks shoe is from Svens clogs.  It’s a  Mary Jane Sandal  with a 3″ High Heel
and a non Bendable Base

i really like that you can choose any colour leather, plus you can choose the base colour as well. (I would choose red, it’s my favourite colour!).  They also have a lower heel t-bar option as well.
For more details see:

Miss Lucy x


New dress – 1950’s wiggle dress

It’s date night with my husband tonight and i was thinking of wearing my 1950’s wiggle dress. I’m new to wiggle dresses, it’s only since the addition of Rago shapewear to my undergarments (which have been a revelation!) that’s I’ve taken to wearing them. The dress a very beautiful navy blue, with a waist detail with sequins, i just love it! Trying to decide at the moment if i should wear my fluevogs with the dress.

64256_10154805467315360_7600152207346530099_n                  10556278_10154805468300360_8657531714106044827_n

Dress from

For more information about Rago shapewear

Miss Lucy x

An implausability of Gnu’s – Collective nouns

It might seem like a weird heading for a post but  an implausibility of Gnu’s is one of my favourite collective nouns.


Collective nouns are the words we use to describe groups, groups of people, animals and birds. Collective nouns have been circulating in the  English language since at least 1486, when The Book of Saint Albans included a list of 165 collective names. It included collective  nouns such as melody of harpers, a sentence of judges and a drunkship of cobblers.

The collective nouns of animals vary widely in their origins. Some are named for their characteristic behaviour, such as a leap of leopards, some like a burden of mules were used to describe their use to humans and some were named after the personalities they were believed to possess, such as an unkindness of ravens, a busyness of ferrets or a skulk of foxes.

Woop studios illustrates collective nouns, it is their wonderful prints that i have included on this page. Amongst my favourites are:

An embarrassment of Pandas                                                   A murder of Crows

pandas crows-c


A parliament of Owls                                                                           A murmuration of Starlings

rhinos magpies-joy  A crash of Rhinos                                                      and                        A tiding of Magpies

I just love them!

For more information about Woop studio’s:

More work by David Campbell


Parapillar by  David Campbell

“When I make works from light boxes (such as Brick Lane Remix, 2003), or old plastic bottles with lights inside, I hope the illumination suspends their objecthood to some degree and makes the viewer see them a little differently – see them as colours before seeing them as objects.” The brightest possible palette fills the range of neon-lit columns, modular crates, spherical shapes, and unlit clusters (such as Parapillar, 2006), the artist’s “vehicles for colour.” David Campbell

Upcycled art


This work is by the Scottish artist David Batchelor. This  plastic bottle installation is called the Candela 7/450 (For the Death Star) by the Scottish artist David Batchelor. it uses 450 upcycled household bottles, each containing a low energy light bulb. It looks so beautiful! It was hanging in the temperature palm house at the Royal Botanic gardens in Edinburgh., Scotland.

For more information see:

It’s frocktastic friday!

1975058_698670520201421_2668680713495063102_n     1551579_698670586868081_6077713529673864552_n
Today’s beautiful dress is a 1950’s Strapless Prom Dress. Light Blue overlay netting attached to light Pink underlining. Heart shape gathered netting at bust area. Rows of gathered netting on three tiered skirt. Side zipper. Size 8-10 Bust 34/35″ 87/89cm, Waist 26/27″ 66/68cm. $545. Available from
Also the Pink rosette and chocker can be added in as a little bonus if some wants to purchase the dress.. It’s not part of the original dress, just display.
If you haven’t visited Linda’s studio yet i highly recommend it! She has beautiful clothing, and a vast collection of vintage and retro patterns.
Miss Lucy x