Perfect Peacock

I’m a wee bit partial to peacock print. One of my favourite dresses that i wear all the time is from Heart of Haute, and it  has the most gorgeous peacock print:

ludellamopeacockfront            ludellamopeacockfront

I love the vivid colours, and i get so many comments when i wear this dress, it’s just wonderful.

The other day i spotted these lovely dresses at

1891117_561407397293092_6451332513726522305_n 10169177_561406977293134_2361535379446580757_n

I can’t decide which one i like the best, i want them both!

And i have to mention one of my favourite pairs of shoes which are by  T.U.K. and stocked at  Modcloth. This peacock print is available in both heels and flats which i love (and own) and they are fantastic:


And finally, are you looking for a new cover for your iphone? Check out Ema frosts designs at We have a copy of her peacock print in my daughter’s room, and she also has this print in a range of iphone covers which are super cute. If you have a look at her website, check out her dinkies while you are there, they are amazing.


Enjoy, Miss Lucy x


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