Recycled Records

Miss Lucy is a bit of a Magpie, i like to collect lots of different things, particularly art.  One of my favourite pieces of art in my house are my recycled records by the artist Aimee Gruar, i have 2 of these at the entrance to my house and they are amazing!

Aimee Male Huia Beethoven-500x500

I adore the artist Paul Villinski, his works using recycled records are beautiful and inspiring:

butterfly26               Butterfly4



I love Paul Villinski’s quote when he says  “Butterflies seem impossible. How can these ridiculously delicate creatures, apparently blown about by the merest breath of wind, actually fly many thousands of miles to migrate? How is it that an innate, intergenerational GPS guides them year after year to the same tree? Are we more like them than we suspect, or could we be?”

For more information:


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