Hello Sailor

This gorgeous spring weather we are having here in New Zealand at the moment reminds me of the beach and sailing, so i’ve been inspired to put together a collection of my favourite nautical inspired fashion.

It was so hard to narrow down the selection of dresses to just a few! My favourites are the Irene dress from Heart of Haute (below left)  and the Sindy Doll dress from Collectif clothing (below right)

dinahirenechamanch                dinahirenechamanch

I love the bag that goes with the Sindy doll dress (from Collectif)


I really like these t shirts from Modcloth, they allow you to add a little nautical element to an outfit without being costume-ish

f959e0b8a8ef21a59431fc1766d8aacf db45154322bf2c22598c5113edd698b9

Or if you are looking for something a little different how about these nautical themed bags from Jubly-umph

ship_bag11_grande              OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And maybe a little octopus bracelet from  Modcloth to accessorise


Stockists as follows:





Miss Lucy x


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