Auckland’s New Camper store

Last night i was lucky enough to tag along with my fabulous neighbour and friend to the opening of Auckland’s new Camper store.  I love Camper shoes, but alas have never owned any. My hubby though has worn Camper shoes for work and says they are so comfortable and last for ages! We arrived at the Camper store to be greeted by Watermelon cocktails and virtually wall to wall Team New members (Camper are a  sponsor of the Team new Zealand (sailing for all you non-kiwis)it was a sea of black clothing, and there was i rocking my day of the dead dress and blue fluevog shoes. I had a great time though (apart from a very rude team new zealander who knocked a drink all over me and didn’t apologise). We had great hor doeurves, drinks and the company was great. And of course the shoes! I was always a huge fan of Camper shoes. I have to admit i found the range they had in store a little boring, i think the Mens and childrens selection was far better than the womens shoes.  My favourite shoes of the evening were:

camper                         campers

Would i buy them? Probably not, there are other things i would prefer to spend $300+ dollars on, but it was a great evening and i was super grateful to be invited along.

Miss Lucy x


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