Summer holidays

Well it’s summer here in New Zealand at the moment, and i am day dreaming of sunny, hot days yet to come (because it’s actually windy and cold and pouring with rain right now).  It’s nearly time to hit the beach and i’m dreaming of taking:


6400000314017_front 6400000314000_front6400000313980_front      

RaspberryJamBag-SideGreen-500x350 RaspberryJamBag-SideMulti-500x350

1950s-1960s-sunglasses-frost-white-retro-vintage-cat1044wh_large 1950s-1960s-tortoise-shell-cateye-vintage-retro-sunglasses-cat1008-ts-1_large


Have a happy day

Miss Lucy x

Seagull and Lobster bathing wear from

Candy striped swimsuit from

Towels from

Bags made from Bathing caps from

Sunglasses from


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