Apricot Jam

I love summer because for me it’s time to make jam! Yesterday i decided to try a new Apricot jam recipe, courtesy of my sister-in-law’s Grandma! Her recipe couldn’t be simpler, and the jam is super yummy!

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1kg of Apricots

1kg of Jam sugar (i use chelsea brand here in new Zealand)


Halve the apricots, discarding the pip. Place in a large pan with 1 kg of jam sugar.

Leave overnight, covered with a lid

In the morning, put on a very low heat.

Stir to combine.

Once the sugar starts to dissolveĀ  continue to stir intermittently over a period of 15 to 20 minutes . The heat should be on the lowest setting.

After approximately 15 minutes take out a teaspoon of jam and place on a small plate. Leave for at least a minutes. Run your finger though the middle of the jam. If the jam has reached setting point it won’t run and will appear jelly-ish on the plate.

Take jam off heat and bottle. I prefer the boiling sterilisation method. I just boil my jars in a big pan of water for about 15 minutes.

The jam will be ready to eat straight away.

Enjoy !

Miss Lucy x




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