Miss Lucy loves Heidi and Gretel jewellery store

Hi everyone! Sorry i’ve been absent on the blog front lately. I’ve been outdoors and enjoying the fabulous sunny summer weather here in New Zealand, sorry if you feel neglected!

Today i thought i’d share with you the most fabulous jewellery store Heidi and Gretel. They design and hand paint the cutest brooches and trinkets.  My favourite are the gorgeous pink pretzel brooches, and i’m currently eagerly awaiting the delivery of one in the mail, if i’m honest i’ve been checking everyday to see if it’s arrived yet!

10905984_1002450846435653_8180746436397515741_n 10896997_1011142535566484_7338354483165926747_n 1897949_1006017769412294_5624480912257237517_n 10917382_1011510558863015_5528975244168871067_n

il_570xN.704386342_grfe il_570xN.709420978_dp7j


Check out the range at their Etsy shop


Have a great week

Miss Lucy x


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