Hot water beach

Last weekend we went down to the Coromandel for a few days. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to hot water beach. At hot water beach you can dig your own hot pool meters from the ocean. Naturally heated mineral water bubbles up from deep within the earth to emerge through the sand. Two hours either side of low tide, near the rocks you can dig your own spa pool in the sand. You can take your own shovel or higher one from the local cafe. 10942739_10155188283835360_4461978132109542426_n



The sun is pretty harsh here in New Zealand, and my skin burns very easily, so I’d love to have packed this fabulous lobster print surf suit, or if i was feeling glamorous this gorgeous polka dot bikini. I’d also pack this fabulous runaway print towel from Karen walker, and of course sunglasses from my favourite brand Catch a thief.

BombshellBay_SWIMSURFSUPSurfsuitLobstersFrontL-540x720            6400000313997_front


IMG_2411edit1_large            IMG_2411edit1_2_large


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