Renewing our wedding vows

Last year my husband and i renewed our wedding vows. We had been married for 10 years and it was a big birthday for me so we decided to have a party! I am Australian and my husband is from New Zealand, and when we were married, we had a small ceremony in Australia, but didn’t end up having a celebration with our New Zealand friends and family. So we decided to have a a party in the park behind our house. I think the best part was involving our children in the celebration, they were so excited mummy and daddy were getting married again and loved being a part of the renewal service. After we renewed our wedding vows we both took turns to tell the kids how much they had changed our lives and what we loved about them. So i thought i would just share a few photos from our special day

Miss Lucy x

DSC09134DSC09153DSC09179 DSC09133  DSC09130DSC09158


My dress is from The most fabulous shop for vintage reproduction clothing x



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