Self compassion



Over the past year i have been learning the skill of self compassion. It’s been out of necessity really, i used to put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own and i ended up becoming unwell. Initially i worked through the book “Self compassion by Kristin Neff”. It was really an eye opening experience, and it helped me learn new skills to care for myself, to be kind to myself and treat myself well. One of the first activities i did from the book was to speak to myself the way i would speak to a good friend who is going through a hard time, and that was really nuturing, it was so nice to encourage and support myself. There is also a Self compassion website with guided meditations, and just about every day I do the Self-compassion/loving kindness meditation. It just allows me to take some time out from my busy life, nurture myself and it helps me to stay well. I’ve struggled in the past as a busy mum, trying to do everything for my family, rushing round like a mad woman on my days off trying to fit in a million things. Now i just take things at my own pace, if the house isn’t tidy, or if i don’t make it to the post office today, i can always go tomorrow, and this slower pace is so much nicer!

If you want to explore self compassion check out:

Have a lovely day

Miss Lucy x


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