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Here comes Peter Cottontail

Well it’s nearly Easter, hooray! My children are counting down the days until the Easter bunny comes, they are so excited. The Easter bunny usually leaves eggs for them in our garden, so there is a frenzied, excitement filled hunt first thing in the morning, and then a serious amount of chocolate eating!

Today’s post is inspired by all things bunny (well actually  it’s just quite a lot of shoes really!)

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Top shoes from

Bunny fascinator from

Both pink shoes from

Happy Easter week everyone

Miss Lucy x



Shoe of the week

This weeks shoes are from the wonderful New Zealand shoe store Minnie Cooper. They are fabulous lizard print leather shoes, available in a variety of colours. Minnie Cooper make the most gorgeous and comfortable shoes, check out their website for more details:

687Have a great week

Miss Lucy x


It’s frocktastic friday

Welcome to frocktastic friday. I love this weeks dress, it’s just so pretty! It’s the Dyann flower pot dress from Retrospec’d. I just love the red flowers and the crisp white background




I thought we could pair it with these gorgeous shoes from miss l fire and watering can bag that is just super cute!

For more details see:

Dress –

Bag –

Shoes –

Miss Lucy x

Playing Genetic Russian roulette – my thoughts on Angelina Jolie’s recent surgery

I read with interest this week Angelina Joile-Pitts, Diary of a surgery in the New York post: have to admit I really admired her decision to have both a double masectomy and now having her ovaries removed. My mum had  breast cancer and metastases in her spine while she was in her mid-forties, it’s terrible and frightening seeing someone you love essentially fighting for their life by having surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Luckily my mum is now well and healthy, but Angelina’s mother was not so lucky and obviously her loss influenced her decision.

In the article she wrote, Angelina mentions that she lost mother, grandmother and aunt to cancer, so genetic risk has played a big part in her decision. Which started me thinking about genes and the risk we take when we have children. I was born with Congenital glaucoma, a genetic birth defect, which can lead to blindness if not treated. I lost most of the sight in my left eye, and required surgery as a baby to save the sight in my good right eye. Luckily I see perfectly well with my right eye, so I lead a “normal’ life.  When the time came to have children we needed to have genetic counselling. Because both my sister and I have Glaucoma there was a risk it would be passed onto any children we have, so it was a big decision to weigh up.  My husband and I decided we wanted to have children, but the eye medication I used in my good eye could cause birth defects, so I needed to stop taking the medication if we were going to try to get pregnant. Unfortunately be without the medication, so then I required surgery so I wouldn’t lose my sight. Happily 10 years later I have 2 beautiful children, and still have my vision. My children have both had regular check ups with an eye specialist since their birth, to ensure they don’t develop glaucoma.

Having children is a big decision to make for anyone, but when you have a genetic disorder of any kind that you could pass on to your babies it is a little like playing genetic Russian roulette. My children are both lucky enough not to have inherited my condition, but just as easily they both could have been born with damaged vision. This was a risk I was willing to take, but was I selfish for taking that risk? For Angelina Jolie there must be possibility she has passed on the cancer causing gene to her children, but is that risk a reason not to have babies? I think not, but I would be interested to know what others think.


Here are my beautiful babies

Miss Lucy x

Midweek mindfulness


This week mindfulness activity is one of my favourites, I find it so relaxing. When you practice mindfulness you are connecting to the world through your senses. I have a preference for mindful activities that are related to sound or that are visual, and I really love this mindfulness of sound meditation from the Mindful self compassion website:

I have practised this one quiet a lot, and nowdays I find if I need some time out, or if i’m feeling stressed,  I just stop for a few moments and just listen and It just gives me some to connect to what’s going on around me and take a break from my thoughts. This is a really short meditation, only 5 minutes, and if you do happen to try to let me know what you think!

Miss Lucy x

It’s frocktastic friday

I have been waiting so long for the dress I’m featuring today. It’s seemed like forever that it was on the coming soon list at Pin up girl clothing, so I was so excited this morning to see it’s now available, yay! I have to admit I already own the skirt, and I absolutely love the Venus fly trap print, it’s just fabulous. My children call it mum’s chompy skirt (after a character in skylanders!)


Available in sizes from xs to 4xl  from

Have a fabulous friday

Miss Lucy x

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