The 100 cookies recipe (and they freeze well too!)

This week I thought I’d road test the 100 cookies recipe. This is a again a simple recipe, and as a busy mum I love super easy recipes! As the title suggests it makes a lot of cookies, so luckily it’s suitable for freezing. My deep freeze is now full of about a  months worth of cookies for school lunches. This recipe makes the basic cookie dough and you add the extras. I made dark chocolate and cranberry, m and m’s, and pink chocolate cookies for the princess of the house, but you could add anything!  Maybe Milo, Nutella, raisins or pecans, dried apricots and choc chips or perhaps make jam drops, the options are limitless!

The basic base recipe is as follows:

500 grams of butter (leave to soften to room temperature)

A 395 gram tin of Condensed milk

1/2 cup of white sugar

5 cups of Self raising flour


Preheat your oven to 180 degrees c.

Cream the butter, condensed milk and sugar until light and fluffy.

Add in the flour and mix to combine

Divide your mixture into 3 or 4 bowls. Add in your desired extras, for example chocolate chips or Milo, what ever flavouring is desired

Take teaspoons of the dough, roll and then flatten slightly on a lined baking tray

Bake for 10 to 12 minutes until golden


This was a really easy recipe to make! The kids really enjoyed choosing their extras and helping me make them, which was an added bonus! It makes loads of cookies, I won’t have to worry about baking for lunch boxes for quite a while, and the cookies are totally delicious. This is definitely a recipe I recommend trying!

Have a great evening

Miss Lucy x



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