How long should it take to loose the baby weight?

During the week I happened across a post on a mothers fitness group I belong to on facebook. The post was from a new mum who had an 11 week old baby. This mum was asking for fitness and dieting advice to help loose the remaining baby weight. I found this post very upsetting. Here was a brand new mum with an 11 week old baby, and already she was feeling the pressure to return to her pre-pregnancy weight. When my daughter was born, I found at 11weeks I was just emerging from the sleep deprived zombie new mum haze. I was proud of my body that had carried my baby, and was enjoying the closeness of breastfeeding. It didn’t even cross my mind to go on a diet or to start training. It really saddens me to think that new mums feel pressure to loose weight so quickly after giving birth. Is it society that puts this pressure on women? Is it other women, or are we influenced by celebrities in the media being celebrated fo their return to their pre-birth shape. My advice to this new mum was to enjoy her baby, it was only early days and enjoy these precious moments, they grow so fast. What are your experiences, did you feel external pressure to loose weight quickly, or were you putting pressure on yourself? Please share your thoughts


Miss Lucy x


3 thoughts on “How long should it take to loose the baby weight?

  1. Forget about dieting for at least six weeks postpartum and focus on eating a healthy diet. Most women are sleep-deprived, tired, and lack the energy to exercise, prepare healthy meals, and do what it takes to lose weight.

    Losing the baby weight can take upwards of a year. Ideally, you should take the weight off gradually, aiming for 1-2 pounds per week.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I personally found it took me about a year to loose the weight, i was too sleep deprived to even even consider preparing healthy meals, but I found it got easier when my daughter started sleeping, at around 9 months!


  2. It is indeed a potential emotive issue and I certainly won’t speak from my own personal experience as I am still carrying my post baby weight….30 years later ha ha!! So no pressure there obviously. But while working as a midwife I did work with many different women with many different circumstances and ignoring the whole pressure from society to look stunning no matter what the circumstances cause that’s a whole different talk show….I think for some women getting out and exercising even only days after having baby is a great thing – it gives a woman time to herself, time to clear the mind, to help with the sleep deprivation, help with the emotions and hormones and excellent for self esteem and mental health. It is different for every woman but I noticed that those who had exercise as an integral part of their routine pre baby found it liberating to get back doing exercise post baby. Under guidance of a health professional depending on how the birth went etc I truly believe exercise and caring about your body is not a bad thing…if done for the right reasons. I could definitely tell those that it was a valuable thing to do for them and those that did feel under pressure – like I said a whole different talk show 🙂


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