Shoe of the week

This weeks shoe of the week comes with a confession. I really, really want to buy these shoes. But here is the problem, when I get stressed, or want to cheer my self up, or am in avoidance mode, I eat or I shop. This has resulted in putting on 5 kg, plus I have no money. So it’s a problem. Sure eating chocolate or buying something online provides instant gratification, but for me it doesn’t last. To be honest I don’t even get that excited when the item arrives in the post, I just add it to my already groaning wardrobe, and hope the rail holds! What to do? I am going to a course on learning to deal with emotions. Emotions are something I’ve avoided in the past, my mantra was always to keep busy, keep doing things so I don’t have to think or deal with anything. I need a healthier way live, so the course is difficult and confronting at times, but I keep plodding along and am slowly getting there. I’m a work in progress!

Anyway back to the shoes! These fabulous shoes are fluevogs, my current obsession! Available in a variety of colours, but my favourite at the moment is the paisley print.


Have a fabulous week

Miss Lucy x


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