Unicorn gym pants!

I am very much in need of new gym pants. When I run my pants fall down, so i spend my entire run pulling up the back of my pants, arrgghh! My sister recently bought a pair of rainbow mermaid pants from Pink punk and said they were fantastic! So I just went on their site this morning and discovered they have rainbow unicorn gym pants, oh my goodness, I had to order them, and hopefully they are on their way to New Zealand right now!

Available in either capri or full length pant, they also sell sporty skirts and racer back tops. They are pretty reasonably priced as well!

289061987In addition to the fabulous unicorn print, some of my other favourites are the mermaid print, bubble wrap, neon voltage and the tropical jungle print!

Once my order arrives I will provide a review of them!

289221162 289061896 289221014


Available from http://www.pinkpunk.com.au/

Have a fabulous day

Miss Lucy x

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