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Happy Easter !

Wishing everyone a very happy easter today! My children we’re awake at 4 am this morning, brimming with excitement because the bunny had come. We did make them wait until the sun came up so they could start hunting for eggs in the garden.


Hope you have a fabulous day

Miss Lucy x


Here comes Peter Cottontail

Well it’s nearly Easter, hooray! My children are counting down the days until the Easter bunny comes, they are so excited. The Easter bunny usually leaves eggs for them in our garden, so there is a frenzied, excitement filled hunt first thing in the morning, and then a serious amount of chocolate eating!

Today’s post is inspired by all things bunny (well actually  it’s just quite a lot of shoes really!)

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Top shoes from

Bunny fascinator from

Both pink shoes from

Happy Easter week everyone

Miss Lucy x


Australia Day

I’m an Austalian living in New Zealand, and although i love living in such a beautiful country, i will always be Australian at heart. I miss the sound of kookaburras laughing in the morning, the smell of eucalyptus and  the endless days of sunshine. I miss the space, wide open spaces that seem to go on forever. I thought i would share  a passage from one of my favourite poems about my homeland.Australia

Have a fabulous Australia day Miss Lucy x

Renewing our wedding vows

Last year my husband and i renewed our wedding vows. We had been married for 10 years and it was a big birthday for me so we decided to have a party! I am Australian and my husband is from New Zealand, and when we were married, we had a small ceremony in Australia, but didn’t end up having a celebration with our New Zealand friends and family. So we decided to have a a party in the park behind our house. I think the best part was involving our children in the celebration, they were so excited mummy and daddy were getting married again and loved being a part of the renewal service. After we renewed our wedding vows we both took turns to tell the kids how much they had changed our lives and what we loved about them. So i thought i would just share a few photos from our special day

Miss Lucy x

DSC09134DSC09153DSC09179 DSC09133  DSC09130DSC09158


My dress is from The most fabulous shop for vintage reproduction clothing x


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had fabulous new year celebrations? We had dinner with our wonderful neighbours, so it was an evening of good friends, good food and great champagne! I’ve been giving some thought to what i would like to achieve this year. My goals are: to take time to relax and not rush around; to be mindful, enjoying the here and now; to continue exercising everyday because i enjoy it so much and finally to continue writing my blog, developing my writing skills and ability to express myself.

What are your goals for 2015?

Have a fabulous and wonderful 2015 everyone, it’s going to be a great year

Miss Lucy x


Armistice day

Today marks the 96th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War 1 (1914 to 1918).

My Great Grand-fathered travelled overseas from a tiny town in Queensland, Australia to the battle fields of France during World War 1. He was shot during battle in France, but luckily survived. So many didn’t, 16 million people died and 20 million were wounded. So at the  11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we will remember their sacrifice.