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Midweek mindfulness (on a friday)

This weeks mindfulness activity focuses on smell. I find it is one of my weaker senses, so I like to practice this one. Take a deep breath in and take some time to notice the smells around you. What can you smell? Is there cooking smells, bread baking  or dinner cooking. Can you smell the scent of flowers in the garden, the smell of the earth, or someone mowing the lawn. I like to crush some lavender between my fingers and take a breath in, concentrating on the scent.


Miss Lucy x




Midweek mindfulness


This week mindfulness activity is one of my favourites, I find it so relaxing. When you practice mindfulness you are connecting to the world through your senses. I have a preference for mindful activities that are related to sound or that are visual, and I really love this mindfulness of sound meditation from the Mindful self compassion website:

I have practised this one quiet a lot, and nowdays I find if I need some time out, or if i’m feeling stressed,¬† I just stop for a few moments and just listen and It just gives me some to connect to what’s going on around me and take a break from my thoughts. This is a really short meditation, only 5 minutes, and if you do happen to try to let me know what you think!

Miss Lucy x