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Sunday feature: Salvador Dali and Shiaparelli

Hi everyone and welcome to my new Sunday feature. I thought each Sunday I’d take the opportunity to take a different perspective on the vintage theme. Looking beyond shopping and reproduction fashion to consider the other facets of vintage that i love. I’m keen to know what you think so please leave me feedback can.

The first post in this series is about collaboration between Elsa Shiaparelli and the surrealist Salvador Dali in the 1930’s. I became obsessed with Salvador Dali’s work when i was in my early 20’s, i remember travelling 10 hours by train to Brisbane just to see an exhibition of his work.

Anyway, probably one of the most famous dresses (and my favourite) from this collaboration is the Lobster dress, a white silk evening dress featuring a large lobster painted by Dali.


The dress was infamously worn by Wallace Simpson for a pre-wedding photo shoot. The photos were meant to be a public relations exercise, aiming to present Wallace in a romantic setting and improve her public image,  but the exercise backfired due to the sexual connotations Dali ascribed to lobsters, and the placement of the lobster charged the design with erotic tension, thus defeating the public relations exercise. What an amazing moment in history this dress was.

Have a great Sunday,

Miss Lucy x