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Midweekend mindfulness

I came across this fantastic 60 second mindfulness tool this morning when I was feeling particularly stressed. One of my work colleagues has a son with really severe anxiety, so we all met up for a coffee and a chat, so I could share my experiences with him. I found it quiet confronting seeing someone in that hyper-anxiety stage, it reminded me of what it was like to be fearful of feeling that way, whereas nowadays I have pretty much come to accept it as part of my life. So anyway, I tried Pixelthoughts and  It’s really good! Basically you write down what you are anxious or stressed about at the moment, and it takes you through a 60 second meditation watching your concern shrink down until it Is a tiny star in the sky.


I always think that’s it’s useful to have more tools in my mindfulness toolbox, and Pixel thoughts was really effective for me. I liked seeing my stressor shink down into a tiny little star in the universe!

If you try it out I’d be keen to know what you think!

Have a good weekend

Miss Lucy x



Mid week mindfulness

This weeks mindfulness focuses on the sense of touch on your skin. Take a moment to stroke your upper lip with you finger. Then stop stroking. How long does it take before the sensation on your upper lip disappears?


Miss Lucy x