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Shoe of the week

Well those very clever people at Irregular choice have done it again, releasing a range of fabulous shoes with flamingo heels. That’s right the heel is a flamingo and it is swoon worthy!  These are my favourite pair at the moment:


But i’m also in love with these too:

For Christmas my darling sister gave me a fashion fund money box, which was the cutest idea and I have been adding to it every week, but i’m going to have to have to seriously start savings to fund my shoe addiction! Or maybe it would be cheaper to just get therapy, although that wouldn’t be as much fun as a pair of flamingo heels

Available from: http://www.irregularchoice.com/collections/concept-heels.html

Have a lovely week everyone

Miss Lucy x





Shoe of the week

it’s been a long while since I posted a shoe of the week. I’ve taken on a second part time job so life got a whole lot busier all of a sudden. I was also lacking inspiration, I hadn’t seen a WOW pair of shoes for a while, but that all changed during the week when I fell in love with the Shirley Bass shoe from Irregular choice. It has rainbows, a lucite heel and fluffy white clouds, could this be the perfect shoe for me? My heart broke when I discovered my size had sold out, I’m wishing really hard that they come back in stock soon!


Available from http://www.irregularchoice.com/shop/

Happy Sunday everyone

Miss Lucy x

A flamboyance of flamingos

This post is inspired by a recent article on Apartment therapy, a homage of sorts to acknowledge the passing of Donald Featherstone, the creator of the pink plastic flamingo. Apartment therapy featured DIY flamingo inspired projects. My favourite being the taxidermy flamingo, the flamingo sprinkler and the flamingo table piece, fabulous!

Flamingo4Flamingo11 5267fad6dbfa3f0a5c0091bb._w.540_s.fit_

So I thought I would feature some of my favourite flamingo buys at the moment. I love the flamngo print hepburn dress from Lady V London, it’s just so pretty! The print is also available in a wide variety of styles.

SS15HEPflamingo-01If you are looking for just a touch of flamingo you could consider these brooches from Vintage Pip:



Kate Spade has a wonderful collection of Flamingo inspired bags at the moment, my favourite is this gorgeous purse:


And finally there has to be shoes, I love Miss L fires flamingo sandals:


Or if you are looking for a more subtle flamingo print how about the TUK flats from Modcloth, they are even on sale at the moment!

Available from:http://www.vintagepip.com.au/http://www.modcloth.com/https://ladyvlondon.com/https://m.katespade.com/ and finally http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/Happy Thursday everyoneMiss Lucy x

Shoe of the week

We have just passed mid  winter here in Auckland, New Zealand. Already signs of spring are starting to emerge, the magnolias are in bloom, the sheep in Cornwall park are heavily pregnant, and daffodils are already showing their sunny heads. We have also just booked our flights home to Australia for Christmas, so i am already thinking of my summer wardrobe. I would love this gorgeous pair of Rhonda heels from Miss L fire, they would go with everything! And even if they didn’t I would wear them any way. And they have cherries, what more could you want! Available in 3 colours, see http://shop.misslfire.com/products/product/Rhonda for more details.


Have a wonderful week everyone

Miss Lucy x

It’s frocktastic friday

I have two main fashion loves in life, shoes and pretty dresses. Today I was given the most wonderful gift, a book that is a homage to divine shoes. Today I think my favourite pair are the gold butterfly shoes from  Alexander McQueen’s Spring/summer 2011 collection, they remind me of a midsummer night dream for some reason!

alexander mcqueen gold butterfly shoes spring summer 2011

And my favourite dress today is from Bonsai kitty. This is an Australian company that produce the most gorgeous pussy bow tops amongst other things. New to their website is this super cute classic pussy bow dress! Available in a variety of colours, I think I  may be ordering the navy with red contrast.


Available from: http://www.bonsaikitten.com.au/

Miss Lucy x

Shoe of the week

One of my favourite milliners is www.frolleinvonsofa.com. She has the most delightful collection of whimsical and dreamy hats and fascinators which i’ve previously featured on the blog. I was so excited to discover she also stocks shoes, and my favourite are the LooLoo shoe. A black patent shoe featuring a bright bunch of balloons, is there anything more joy inspiring then a bunch of balloons? I think I would have to constantly admire my feet while I was wearing these shoes!

Have a fabulous week everyone,

Miss Lucy x


Shoe of the week

This weeks shoe of the week comes with a confession. I really, really want to buy these shoes. But here is the problem, when I get stressed, or want to cheer my self up, or am in avoidance mode, I eat or I shop. This has resulted in putting on 5 kg, plus I have no money. So it’s a problem. Sure eating chocolate or buying something online provides instant gratification, but for me it doesn’t last. To be honest I don’t even get that excited when the item arrives in the post, I just add it to my already groaning wardrobe, and hope the rail holds! What to do? I am going to a course on learning to deal with emotions. Emotions are something I’ve avoided in the past, my mantra was always to keep busy, keep doing things so I don’t have to think or deal with anything. I need a healthier way live, so the course is difficult and confronting at times, but I keep plodding along and am slowly getting there. I’m a work in progress!

Anyway back to the shoes! These fabulous shoes are fluevogs, my current obsession! Available in a variety of colours, but my favourite at the moment is the paisley print.

detailStockist: https://www.fluevog.com/shop/4312-guide-paisley?item=36&of=188&anchor=true

Have a fabulous week

Miss Lucy x